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I’ll be part of a group show at the Five Spot all this May. Opening night is April 29th – 7pm. Come check out some new work by myself and 5 other local artists.  I’ll be selling prints for cheap so come on by!


I flew back to Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday to see my family. There have been lots of new additions over the last 2 years. I took home some prints for the little ones to put up in their rooms. Some of them are starting to talk and they’ve been learning what sounds certain animals make. As I showed them each picture they proudly blurted out the appropriate noises and acted out the movements – toddler charades is much more entertaining than you would think.


‘Very good! That’s exactly what a tiger sounds like…’

“OOH OOH, AH AH!” (scratching head with one hand)

‘Yay! It IS a monkey!’


‘Hmmm…what sound does a giraffe make? Or a zebra for that matter?’

(Shoulder shrug)

‘I’ll pick better animals next time.’

This particular client generally comes to me with character driven illustration needs, which I must say, are my favorite to work on. She was designing a wedding announcement for a couple who was not afraid to get away from the calligraphy and the flourishes. I did not get the full story on what exactly all the details meant, but each one was important to the couple and uniquely their own. It was a quick 3 day turnaround and one of those projects that feels more like fun than work.


I mentioned I’ve been working on the August Dog Rescue project a few posts ago. The website is nearing completion thanks to the help of a talented friend and I wanted to post a few sneak peeks. A donation page is set up in the mean time here:  August Dog Rescue