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How long should you hold onto a card that is sent to you in the mail? I suppose there are a myriad of factors to consider such as who sent it, the occasion it’s marking, how much room on the fridge is available, how large your mantle is, and how attractive the card is. If you open it and glitter falls out you can just go ahead and throw it away no matter who it’s from. Some are easier to keep than others but some cards are just begging to take their rightful spot in the local landfill, recycling bin or shredder minutes after opening. Amongst the contenders in this last category are the birthday cards from your 3rd aunt Myrtle and your dentist’s office,  and the holiday card from someone you did business with that year.

Holiday cards at my office are a big deal though. Afterall we are a design firm. Clients come to us all year for mind-blowing creativity and beauty. The least we can do is send out a ‘thank you, Happy Holidays, keep us in mind’ card at the end of the year that people would much rather frame and hang on their wall than toss in the garbage. Easier said than done. We know each card we seal and stamp is in danger of heading for the trashcan so we do our best to save them from that fate. That responsibility has fallen on my shoulders the last 3 years and while I’ll accept the fact these things are not being framed, I would also like to think there are quite a few still hanging around somewhere.

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…and no one is around to hear it – does it make a sound? I don’t know. But I do know if a tree falls behind your house at 3 o’clock in the morning you sure as hell are going to hear it. A record setting year for rainfall mixed with high winds was more than the giant oak tree could handle. I was awoken to, what I thought was, a train crashing through my bedroom. Turns out it was just the enormous oak behind us uprooting and bringing down the 3 nearby power lines with it. Thankfully that’s all it took with it – it fell about the only direction it could to not fall on someone or something. In fact, the tree snapped in two as it fell directly on top of a power line pole, saving several cars that would have been in the way.