A good friend of mine approached me a few months ago with a project. She had been involved in dog rescue and rehabilitation for several years in the state of Texas. As her reputation for good work grew so did the demand for her time, energy and resources. But there was only so much she could do as a single volunteer. She decided she had to do more and began looking into starting her own non-profit rescue. I was contacted to help create a professional looking aesthetic for the foundation.

Happily accepting, my first task was the logo. The name transitioned a few times throughout the process as she settled on exactly how to focus the groups efforts and, not to mention, having to avoid a ridiculous infringement claim from another dog-centered business.



Finally her vision had its official name: August Dog Rescue. After a bit more tweaking, the logo was completed as well:


A website is currently under construction and should be live in the next few weeks. For the time being a donation page is in place at www.augustdogrescue.org. I’ll post again soon with some sneak peaks at the site. It’s going to be fun and informative and look a hundred times better than any dog rescue or dog-anything based business out there. It’s understandable that most non-profits don’t have the money to spend on design or websites for their organizations. I wanted to help August Dog Rescue stand apart from the rest by donating my efforts so they can get the word out and spend their money on what really counts – the dogs.